Frequently Asked Questions


About Doctoral programs

Q: What is the difference between EdD and PhD?

A: The PhD program has a stronger theoretical focus and has fellowship support that is highly competitive.  This program is ideal for those who wish to build a research career in either academic or industry setting.

The EdD program has a stronger applied focus and is self-sponsored. This program is designed for experienced school principals, educational policy makers, and technologists from computer and information technology companies who can take full or part time off to rejuvenate their own career or revitalise their companies’ existing products.

Current Issues in Neuroscience for Education (MEDD8864)

Q: “I am not a science student.  Will non-science students struggle with the courses? Do you prefer students who have biology and Maths background?”

A: I welcome students from a diverse background.  Full understanding of the course content does require high school science and math knowledge.   Given the way the course evaluation is set up, all students are expected to pass the course if they fully participate in all course activities.

MEDD8817: The Learning Brain

Q: “Does the course require certain level of mathematical related capabilities, in particular the use of EEG”

A: You will not be asked to do math problems specifically but you will need to have high school level of math to understand what is being measured and plotted.

Q: “Does the course involve certain level of data analysis in the reading and assignment as well?”

A: You will be exposed to various types of analysis and what they mean though you will not be asked to perform these analysis in this course.  Research Design and Statistical Analysis will cover the how-to aspects.

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